You started paying to read around 2010. That’s when almost every major newspaper was charging you for digital readership. The rates were reasonable then. Now you have to ask yourself “Which one can I afford?”

Like millions of other Americans, I want to be informed and the new emerging “establishment”…

A proud Nonnie and her great grandchildren

“You people need to stop living in the past,” a tweet-er posted in response to a recent Black Lives Matter protest.

“I’m not responsible for what my great grandfather did to Negroes back then. You’d still be living in Africa without us.”

Well, no, we wouldn’t because we –as in…

Photo by Rodnae Productions from Pexls

A study conducted by Professor Monchi Uri showed elderly people eliminate the unnecessary and leave only the most efficient options for solving a problem.

Thirty or more years ago, I was part of a video crew doing an employee training video. The CEO, in his sixties, a no time for…

Well, doctor, I just gave it eight claps. Eight is my good luck number (and reps infinity ) so maybe it will karma its way into the applause area.

I didn't even know you could take back your claps. Seems unfair b/c you can't do that in real life unless your doc gets you a fast Rx. Even then taking meds is not the same as re-claiming claps.. Maybe MEDIUM should change it to an APPLAUSE meter. Eliminate the dubious-ness of claps.

BTW, I think some people (mostly dull) just don't get your humor. I, for one, think you have certainly earned the Dr. Funny moniker.

Got your vaccine shots? Keep that mask on anyway.

I admit, I am euphoric right now, having recently received my second COVID vaccine shot. I feel so…well, relieved, even though two months ago, I announced with conviction that I wouldn’t even consider a shot, until I was certain people weren’t dropping dead from side effects.

“Jonas Salk studied and…


Are Black Americans long overdue for reparations? Or should we put that on the back burner for now? What if the answer is yes to both. What if it comes down to acceptable definitions of reparations and entitlements? Aren’t we all “entitled” to something? The average American is entitled to…

Photo by Joel Naren on Unsplash

…But Oh, So Sad

It’s New Year’s Day and I’m watching Endeavour on PBS, a British crime series I fell in love with a few years ago. When I’m feeling blue, I return to the standards and I always have Sinatra’s “Glad To Be Unhappy” song of unrequited love running through my head.


Claire Fernanda

Word lover, grammarian and writer of unknown books and screenplays. I hope to be rewarded posthumously, and by deductive reasoning, that’s not very far away.

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