Well, doctor, I just gave it eight claps. Eight is my good luck number (and reps infinity ) so maybe it will karma its way into the applause area.

I didn't even know you could take back your claps. Seems unfair b/c you can't do that in real life unless your doc gets you a fast Rx. Even then taking meds is not the same as re-claiming claps.. Maybe MEDIUM should change it to an APPLAUSE meter. Eliminate the dubious-ness of claps.

BTW, I think some people (mostly dull) just don't get your humor. I, for one, think you have certainly earned the Dr. Funny moniker.



Claire Fernanda

Corrector of the Overlooked. Grammarian , writer and proofreader. I hope to be rewarded posthumously, and by deductive reasoning, that’s not very far away.